Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to complete the restoration process with minimal impacts to landowners while protecting the environment. For areas of the right of way where tree clearing, grading and other similar disturbance has occurred, we will restore the right of way as close as possible to its original contours and revegetate it in accordance with landowner agreements and agency requirements. For areas where only trees have been felled but not removed, we will leave the trees in place to avoid unnecessary environmental harm, unless otherwise requested by the landowner. For areas where pipe has been installed, we will leave the pipe in place and restore the right of way. Leaving underground utilities in place is a common practice and does not pose a risk to public safety or the environment.
We expect restoration work will begin in the first quarter of 2023 and will be completed within 9 months – in other words, by fall 2023. It will be followed by 2-3 years of post-restoration monitoring required by multiple agencies.
For properties requiring restoration work, easements will stay in place until we complete restoration and post-restoration monitoring. For properties that do not require any restoration work, we are developing a plan to coordinate with landowners to release their easements. Landowners will keep all the compensation they have received. If your property is currently being marketed for sale, please contact us to discuss options regarding our easement(s).
We will be in touch with affected landowners to discuss the timing and scope of restoration work on their property. This will generally occur one to two weeks in advance of activities starting on their property. In the meantime, if you have any questions, landowners should contact their land agent directly.
For compressor and metering station sites where minimal land disturbance has occurred, we will cleanup and restore the sites. At locations where significant construction progress was achieved, namely at the Marts and Northampton Compressor Stations, we will stabilize the sites and are planning to market them for sale.
Since the ACP’s cancellation, we have sold a significant amount of the pipe and other materials associated with the project. We will remove any remaining materials as part of the restoration activity.
No, Dominion and Duke customers will not be responsible for any costs associated with the project.