Dominion Energy and Duke Energy Cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline


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Dominion Energy and Duke Energy Cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Today we announced that we are no longer moving forward with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

This was a necessary decision given the legal uncertainties facing the project, and we deeply regret that we were unable to complete this project. The ACP was developed to meet the needs of communities across our region and to support the transition to cleaner energy.

While the need for new infrastructure in our region remains, there is too much legal uncertainty to continue moving forward with this project.

This decision does not diminish the dedication and support of so many across the region who have worked tirelessly to make this project a reality.

Over the last six years, tens of thousands of people across West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina have contributed to the development of this project. To the ACP team members, partners, contractors and supporters, we thank you. You have worked day and night, on weekends and on holidays to build a brighter economic and environmental future for our region. You have shown tremendous care for the communities we serve and the environment we share. You represent the very best of our industry, and you should be proud of the role of you have played in this transformational project.

Thomas F. Farrell, II, Dominion Energy chairman, president, and chief executive officer, and Lynn J. Good, Duke Energy chair, president, and chief executive officer, said:

“We regret that we will be unable to complete the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. For almost six years we have worked diligently and invested billions of dollars to complete the project and deliver the much-needed infrastructure to our customers and communities. Throughout we have engaged extensively with and incorporated feedback from local communities, labor and industrial leaders, government and permitting agencies, environmental interests and social justice organizations. We express sincere appreciation for the tireless efforts and important contributions made by all who were involved in this essential project. This announcement reflects the increasing legal uncertainty that overhangs large-scale energy and industrial infrastructure development in the United States. Until these issues are resolved, the ability to satisfy the country’s energy needs will be significantly challenged.”

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