Organizations and Individuals Across the US Voice Support for ACP


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Organizations and Individuals Across the US Voice Support for ACP

Last October, the Supreme Court agreed to hear ACP’s appeal of a lower court ruling that overturned a U.S. Forest Service permit to cross more than 600 feet underneath the Appalachian Trail. Joined by the U.S. Solicitor General on behalf of the Government, the case will be argued on February 24, 2020, and a decision will be rendered no later than June 2020. A positive ruling will help us get back to full construction by the summer.

Since the appeal was granted, 18 state attorneys general, more than 60 members of Congress, 17 forestry associations, along with unions and dozens of industry and labor organizations have come out in support of the ACP and defended the right of the U.S. Forest Service to grant us the permit at issue. The interested parties committed their arguments to writing, submitting “friend of the court” briefs—called amicus curiae briefs—to the Court on behalf of the ACP.

These groups support the ACP for a number of reasons, including its role in:

  • providing domestic energy independence
  • protecting national security by supplying energy to our military in eastern VA
  • bringing state-of-the-art infrastructure and cleaner energy to the region
  • serving as a reliable source of energy
  • positively impacting the economy
  • ensuring well-paying jobs for skilled laborers
  • supporting a resilient and well-supplied national electrical grid
  • protecting the National Park System with its commitment to safety and environmental stewardship
  • benefitting Americans by providing lower-cost and cleaner-generated electricity

Here are some of our supporters, with links to their full arguments: