WV Flooding Recovery - UPDATE


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WV Flooding Recovery - UPDATE

The ACP project team has been active in the recovery efforts in northeastern West Virginia communities impacted by summer flooding. As area children prepare to return to school, the elementary school and local library have been priorities for these efforts.

Recently, the Harman community recognized the efforts of the ACP team and Dominion Energy after the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation donated $10,000 to repair flood-damaged areas. This money was used to purchase more than 140 tons of gravel and clean stone, which helped to restore the landscaping at the local elementary school and replace damaged flooring at the public library. An ACP partner, J.F. Allen, additionally donated more than 220 tons of gravel.

Over the course of four days, employees with Rockford Corporation, Michels Corporation and Dominion Energy volunteered their time to repair the school and library, and remove other debris. The employees and their companies also donated cleaning supplies, ice coolers, equipment and food.

Then, when flooding threatened to hit a second time, ACP contractor Michels Corporation donated more than 1,000 sand bags to surround the school, protecting it from additional damage.

Hear more from some of the community members benefiting from these efforts and see these volunteers in action:

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