ACP Team Assists with Flood Relief in Rural WV


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ACP Team Assists with Flood Relief in Rural WV

The communities along the ACP route are the same communities where our workers and their families live. That’s why, when disaster strikes, our crew jumps in to help our neighbors and friends. When areas in northeastern West Virginia experienced intense flooding in June, volunteers from the ACP project team were there to clear debris, provide supplies and equipment, and assist the rebuilding efforts.

Rural communities in Randolph County were especially impacted during the event, when seven inches of rain fell in a few short hours, leaving residents trapped in remote areas along the Dry Fork River.

Jerry Teeter, the mayor and fire chief of Harman, WV, expressed his gratitude for the ACP team’s help after the disaster:
“They’re out doing their jobs. They’re out now helping people pick up litter, garbage . . . and they’re going to help the school up here this afternoon. I’m grateful they’re doing this. If they didn’t come, we wouldn’t have gotten it done.”

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