Pipeline delays negatively affecting workforce


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Pipeline delays negatively affecting workforce

Daily Mail WV

While so much of the economic news out of West Virginia of late has been positive, the delays to two natural gas pipeline projects are beginning to take a toll.

From the article:

"In a previously released statement, Atlantic Coast Pipeline developers said they remain committed to best practices to protect the environment.

“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been the most thoroughly reviewed infrastructure project in the history of our region. The recent action by the courts and FERC are further evidence of this unprecedented scrutiny and the high standard that is being applied to this project.

“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is critical to the economic and environmental future of our region, and we are working as quickly as we can to get construction back underway and avoid unnecessary delays.”

As we’ve said before, environmental concerns should be addressed. But, at the same time, we believe the federal agencies are correct in allowing work to continue on parts of the project not in question.

And while we realize there are some people who think the pipelines are unnecessary and a potential threat, we believe in the economic value in terms of not only job growth, but also more affordable energy for West Virginians.

To paraphrase a great line from a great movie: Build them, and economic growth will come. Don’t build them, and West Virginia will see more of its people leave."

Read the full article and more in the Daily Mail WV.

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