Pipeline Contractors with Proven Experience


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Pipeline Contractors with Proven Experience

The lead contractor for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is Spring Ridge Constructors, LLC (SRC). SRC is comprised of some of the most trusted, experienced contractors in the industry. They are: Michels Corporation, Price Gregory International, Inc., Rockford Corporation, and U.S. Pipeline, Inc.

SRC has more than 200 years of combined expertise and leadership in large-diameter pipeline construction. A few facts:

  • Michels Corporation has more than 150 professionals specifically dedicated to providing training, conducting audits and overseeing operations at job sites. The company has also built more than 10,000 miles of mainline pipeline.
  • Price Gregory has built thousands of miles of pipeline around the world.
  • Rockford Corporation has worked on a variety of pipeline construction projects from 4-inch to 42-inch in diameter for more than 60 years.
  • U.S. Pipeline has constructed more than 2,000 miles of large-diameter pipelines in the last 15+ years.

Safety is a core value and top priority for all of the pipeline companies that make up SRC. Not only is SRC committed to the safety of its employees, but the company also recognizes the importance of keeping the communities in which they work safe. Through rigorous training, continuous education of personnel and the use of the safest procedures in the industry, SRC is focused every single day on being one of the safest pipeline contractors in the industry. Getting the job done right means completing it in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner, and strictly adhering to the highest quality standards and all regulatory requirements.

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