A growing population needs those pipelines


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A growing population needs those pipelines

The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Every week it seems there is at least one letter-writer who, for various reasons, is opposed to the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. A recent one worried that some obscure salamander might lose its natural habitat.

From the article:

"Has anyone considered that the obscure salamander might find a way to cross the dirt laid atop the deeply buried pipe and find a new home on the other side?

I find it interesting that there is little hue and cry when birds are whacked to death by whirling propellers on wind turbines or when they are fried on a solar panel. I suppose the salamander is more important.

In my lifetime, the population of the U.S. has doubled from 150 million to more than 325 million. Looking forward, it is expected to increase to more than 600 million in an even shorter time span. There will be a great demand issue for energy that alternative sources will not be able to meet. A quick completion of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is essential."

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