The ACP: job creator and game changer


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The ACP: job creator and game changer

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be a job creator and economic game changer for communities across West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. 

From welders and equipment operators to safety inspectors and more, thousands of hardworking men and women from local communities will help build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Many of them will enter free local training programs, where they will learn new skills or trades and be able to launch a whole new career in the construction industry. 

While many opposed to the project write them off as “temporary jobs,” the hardworking men and women in America’s construction industry don’t see them that way. 

Sean McGarvey, president of North America’s Building Trades Union, said in a 2015 interview, “When you think about it, would you consider the Hoover Dam, one of the iconic New Deal construction projects, to be a temporary job? The Golden Gate Bridge? That’s technically a temporary job, but those folks with those skill sets then move from that project to the next project, and we have a functioning economy, and we’ll make the proper investments, both on the private side and on the public side.” 

The ACP is proud to hire workers to create that “functioning economy” in local communities along the route. Some of the local workforce already in place for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline includes North Carolina-based Heaton Construction, Glover Construction and MJ Price Construction, who recently joined the ACP team to celebrate for the groundbreaking of the compressor station in Northampton County, NC [link to video]. 

Construction is also estimated to create $2.7 billion in economic activity throughout the region—this comes from renting hotels and vehicles, shopping at local stores, visiting restaurants, purchasing equipment and much more. 

And best of all, the pipeline will continue creating jobs long after construction wraps up. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will help rebuild our region’s struggling manufacturing economy, attracting new industries to the region and the thousands of good-paying jobs they bring. 

Beyond jobs and economic activity, the pipeline will also support local public services in each of the communities where it’s built. Once in operation, the pipeline will generate $28 million annually in property tax revenue for local governments along the route. That’s new revenue that local communities can invest in their schools, roads, public safety and more. 

Plus, because the pipeline will save consumers and businesses hundreds of millions each year on energy costs, consumers will put that savings back into their local economies and businesses will invest savings in growth and new hires. That economic ripple effect will create thousands of more new jobs. 

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