Helvetia Library receives $2,000 donation


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Helvetia Library receives $2,000 donation

The Inter-Mountain 

The Helvetia Public Library opened as an “outpost” library in 1984 for the residents of Middle Fork District in Randolph County. Built to blend in with the rustic aesthetics of the little Swiss village, the library is located in the “Historic Square” which also houses the museum, log school and gazebo.

The library is a small structure, approximately 1,000 square feet; however, its services are vital in this rural area. With a diverse community of Swiss heritage, there is a wide range of interests from readers that utilize this resource.

The Helvetia Public Library is a self-sustaining library and must match its grant in aid funds in order to receive any additional funding from the state throughout the year. Seeing the value in this local resource, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline recently granted the organization $2,000 toward the library’s operation and growth.

“We are very excited to partner with the Helvetia Public Library as they continue their legacy of service in this historic community,” Atlantic Coast Pipeline community liaison Denise Campbell said.

“We applaud the library for its commitment to education and public access to technology and we are happy to support its growth,” Campbell said.

Some future plans for the library include a new children’s library section, new computer work stations, increasing its literature resources and expanding its outdoor playground.

“Donations such as the recent $2,000 check is what makes our library able to stay open and provide multiple resources for our community,” Jerianne Davis, Helvetia Public Library director, said.

Davis adds that the library has come a long way with booming usage and limited space.

“With multiple computer workstations and WiFi access, Pickens School children find it very convenient using the Internet to search for information for homework and the word processor to complete their projects neatly. With access to e-mail, users can communicate with friends and relatives across the country,” Davis said.

Davis reflected on the library’s future, saying, “We are proud of our library and look forward to its continued growth. With the help of individuals and businesses we can continue to be a vital part of the Helvetia community.”

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