ACP would benefit entire nation


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ACP would benefit entire nation

Nelson County Times
by Paul Busch

I live adjacent to the route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). A letter writer last week stated that “I have no skin in the game,” but that is just not true. The first route was located near my front yard and the current route is about 200 yards away from my back porch. Before moving to Nelson County, we lived in Reston in Northern Virginia. Our home was the same distance to another natural gas line. Not once did we feel unsafe and/or did our property lose value.

The misinformation by the author requires a response. First, the ACP will use mowing rather than herbicide applications to maintain the right of ways. These inaccuracies could be avoided if concerned persons visit the project website, as I did nearly two years ago.

The author makes the case that Nelson County residents are somehow better than other Virginians and that our land shouldn’t be used for any infrastructure — solar, wind or natural gas. Electricity doesn’t just create itself. The reality is that we need energy infrastructure to generate power for our homes and businesses. Most people understand this reality, and thus support the project, nearly 2-to-1.

Our country depends upon projects like the ACP to serve the common good. We wouldn’t have U.S. 29, Interstate 64 or other infrastructure without sacrifices.

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