Safety Focus - Home Safe for Everyone


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Safety Focus - Home Safe for Everyone

Safety is our number one priority. We are 100 percent committed to building the ACP safely, in a way that is protective of our environment and the communities we serve while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We will reinforce this commitment throughout ACP construction and restoration. To start, we’ve provided a magnet that includes project contact information on the front of this newsletter. We invite you to contact us to ask questions, and share concerns and compliments as we move forward on the ACP.

Prior to construction, all project team members, vendors, suppliers and contractors will receive extensive safety training before ever entering an ACP workspace. As we move closer to construction and beyond, we will meet with school, community, recreational and other interested groups to discuss our commitment to safety and gather feedback about our safety practices.

A commitment to safety is expected from all project team members, at all times and is our standard of operation on the construction site, out in the community, and everywhere in between.

Home Safe for Everyone = Every home is safe, and everyone make its safely home. 

This article is from the November 2017 newsletter.