Landowner profile: Protecting memories and multiple uses


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Landowner profile: Protecting memories and multiple uses

JB purchased his dream property about nine years ago and built the home he intends to spend the rest of his life in. The property includes woods filled with trails and serves multiple uses. The Virginia Tech Co-Op Extension rents a portion to grow corn. JB is an avid outdoorsman and has a number of hunting structures positioned along the edge of the woods. Chickens graze and ducks swim in a pond located on the farm. Perhaps the most important land use for JB is the solitude and privacy that the property provides to him and his family. His adult children often visit and he cherishes the memories created by their shared experiences.

When JB learned that the Atlantic Coat Pipeline was planned to cross his property, he was concerned. He developed an extensive list of questions for his land agent. Jennifer, JB’s land agent, worked diligently to get all of his questions answered, often making phone calls on the spot to gather information.

JB appreciates that the pipeline is being co-located parallel to the existing power line right-of-way on his property and that the hunting structures on his property will be relocated. JB stated, “I have no problem with it running through my property, and if it’s needed it’s needed.”

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