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Close Up of Atlantic Coast Pipeline Proposed Route Map

Maps & Resources

Working together with landowners, and communities, we’ve gone through an exhaustive process over the last two years to choose the safest and most environmentally responsible route for the pipeline.

Dominion Land Agent and Landowner Reviewing Map

Project Overview Map

Download the current Project Overview Map (revised 06/07/2017).

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline project team has worked closely with landowners and communities in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia to determine the best route for the pipeline with the least possible impact on landowners and the environment. We carefully studied more than 6,000 miles of potential routes before choosing the best 600-mile route with the least impact. After consulting with landowners and performing extensive field surveys, we’ve made more than 300 route adjustments to avoid environmentally sensitive areas and address individual landowner concerns. We’ve adjusted the route to avoid wetlands, wildlife habitats, drinking water sources and sensitive geologic features, to name only a few examples. This thorough and extensive process has significantly reduced the environmental impacts of the project and minimized its impact on individual landowners.

Interactive Map

Our Interactive Map provides a look at the most up-to-date route, incorporating the numerous route adjustments made by the ACP project team. The yellow line is the proposed route corridor, and the pink lines are previously considered alternatives.

NOTE: For best results, use the most recent version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox or IE Explorer. Due to file size, this map may not perform well on mobile devices.

In some instances, parcel data may not yet be available depending on county data. We are also continuing our survey work and discussions with landowners regarding access roads. Should you have any questions about access roads or parcel information for your property, please contact our land department at 1-888-895-8716, and one of our land representatives will follow up with you within 48 hours, Monday - Friday.