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Building the pipeline safely, while minimizing impacts on landowners and the environment, is our number one priority.

Before we begin felling the first tree or digging the first trench, the ACP team spent three years carefully developing a route that will have the least impact on landowners and the environment. Hundreds of route adjustments were made to avoid environmentally-sensitive areas and other important features of the land. Throughout the construction process, we’ll continue working closely with landowners to restore their land back to its original use.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be built using best-in-class engineering and construction techniques. We’ve hired the most experienced and qualified contractors in the industry, all of whom share our commitment to meeting the highest standards for quality, safety and environmental protection. Our lead construction contractor has more than 200 years’ experience safely building large-diameter pipelines in every region and terrain across North America.

All construction activities will be closely monitored by more than 1,300 of our own environmental inspectors, in addition to dozens of state and federal inspectors. All of our environmental inspectors have completed rigorous training and certification programs. More information on the inspector certification can be found here.