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Construction Safety

Nothing is more important than safety.

Our full time job is safety; it is our number one core value.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be constructed and operated by Dominion Energy. Our team is dedicated to meeting and surpassing industry safety standards. Our lead contractor on this project is Spring Ridge Constructors, LLC and they share our commitment to safe operations, safe facilities and safety minded employees.

Here are some of our commitments to construction safety:

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Site Safety At Dominion Energy, we strive to ensure safe, efficient construction sites. Procedures are in place to protect our employees, our contractors and the communities we serve during all phases of Atlantic Coast Pipeline construction.

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Materials Dominion Energy uses only the highest quality materials to build our pipelines. The pipe and all pipeline components for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be vigorously inspected several times throughout the construction process. All materials must meet strict specifications.

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Compliance Inspections Hundreds of inspectors will be on site every day during construction, to ensure every phase of construction meets the requirements and conditions of the various permits that will apply to the project.

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Additional Protections Pipeline construction and operation includes overlapping layers of protections. Each pipe weld will be visually and radiographically inspected. Automatic shutoff valves will be installed to stop the flow of gas in case of emergency. External corrosion is controlled through the application of a protective coating, and the use of cathodic protection.