Compressor Stations l ACP

Compressor Stations

True to their name, compressor stations provide the pressure or “boost” natural gas needs to continue moving through the pipeline. 

Natural Gas Compressor Station

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline project includes three proposed stations—one at the beginning of the pipeline in West Virginia (Lewis County), one in central Virginia (Buckingham County) and one near the Virginia-North Carolina state line (Northampton County, NC).

The ACP project team conducted extensive studies, consulted many experts, developed robust plans and submitted permit applications for each compressor station to ensure they meet—and in many cases  exceed—stringent regulatory requirements for air quality, sound levels and safety.

The ACP compressor stations were designed and will be operated with "best-in-class" technology—in many cases going well above and beyond regulatory requirements. Thanks to these technologies, air emissions and sound levels from our compressor stations will fall well below regulatory limits designed to protect human health and the environment. For more details on these specifications click here for a link to our compressor station factsheet.