Buckingham Compressor Station

Buckingham Compressor Station

Compressor Station #2 in Buckingham County, Virginia is one of three stations proposed for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

The ACP is a 600-mile underground pipeline that will originate in West Virginia, travel through Virginia with a lateral extending to Chesapeake, VA, and then continue south into eastern North Carolina, ending in Robeson County. The project will meet the growing domestic demand for natural gas needed to generate local power and for industrial, commercial and residential energy customers.

Compressor stations are needed to maintain pressure and allow the natural gas to travel through the pipeline. Distance, friction and changes in elevation cause the pressure to decrease, so the gas must be compressed periodically to keep it flowing at a consistent rate.

The site for the Buckingham Compressor Station is about 68 acres and is located on the northern side of Virginia Route 56, approximately ¾ of a mile east of the Route 56 intersection with State Secondary Route 660.

For more details on station specifications, check out the Buckingham compressor station project overview.


Community Engagement and Investment

Community engagement is very important to all of the companies involved in the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. As good corporate citizens, we have a responsibility to support and strengthen the communities where we do business. Over the last several years, we have engaged extensively and meaningfully with the residents of Buckingham County and the nearby Union Hill community. Working together with the residents of Union Hill, we are committing to invest $5.1 million in a series of community revitalization and public safety initiatives, including the development of a new community center and outdoor recreation area. For more information click here.


Home Safe for Everyone

We have a policy of Home Safe for Everyone throughout the construction of the pipeline. Learn about how we’re giving safety 110% in every community along the route.

Commitment to Safety

“We set up our people to succeed with regards to safety.” Watch to learn more about pipeline safety standards.

Open Houses & Job Fairs

In Spring 2018, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline team welcomed over 1,000 visitors to open houses and job fairs in West Virginia, North Carolina and Virginia.

Safety Commitment

For the Buckingham facility, we will use onsite, multi-layered safety controls, an intensive inspection program, and rigorous monitoring on a 24/7 basis. We are also working closely with local emergency responders and government officials, and we will share additional recommendations and site-specific emergency response procedures with the community before construction begins.

Learn more about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline's commitment to safety


Environmental Commitment

The project will use best-in-class technology to protect air quality and public health. Recently, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality described the draft air permit for the Buckingham facility as the most stringent for any compressor station in the country. The permit’s emissions limits are four to 10 times lower than any other recently issued permit in the state.

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