Why Natural Gas l ACP

Why Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a cleaner and lower-cost source of energy. The ACP will help us lower emissions, improve air quality and lower consumer energy costs across the region.

What Makes Natural Gas the Best Choice?

Urgent Need icon

Our region has urgent energy needs. Demand for natural gas in Virginia and North Carolina will nearly double over the next twenty years – to support cleaner electricity, home heating for a growing population and power for new industries like manufacturing. The region’s pipelines are fully tapped and unable to meet this growing demand.

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Natural gas is a clean-burning energy source. Connecting our region with new supplies of cleaner-burning natural gas will help lower emissions and improve air quality. Electric utilities are switching to natural gas because it produces less than half the emissions of coal.

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Pipelines safely transport natural gas. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, underground pipelines are the safest mode to transport natural gas—safer than highway, rail and water.

Natural Gas Leads to Savings icon

Abundant natural gas supplies lead to savings. By connecting Virginia and North Carolina to new, lower-cost supplies of natural gas, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will lower consumer energy costs by hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Natural Gas Mean Energy Independence icon

Natural gas can secure our energy future. Having access to more lower-cost, domestic energy sources is an important strategy to protect our energy security and strengthen our energy independence. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will add a new supply of natural gas to our region’s energy mix, lowering costs for consumers and strengthening our energy independence.