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Glass Shower in Room Heated by Natural Gas

Why Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a cleaner source of energy. The ACP will help us make significant strides toward reducing carbon emissions and meeting clean air targets across each region.

What Makes Natural Gas the Best Choice?

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Our region has urgent energy needs. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that energy demand will grow 29 percent by 2040—and already Virginia and North Carolina receive requests for energy that exceed the current system’s capacity.

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Natural gas is a clean-burning energy source. With Americans calling for cleaner air, energy providers are turning to natural gas. The amount of electricity generated by natural gas reached record levels in 2016 and surpassed coal-fired generation for the majority of the year.

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Pipelines safely transport natural gas. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, underground pipelines are the safest mode to transport natural gas—safer than highway, rail and water.

Natural Gas Leads to Savings icon

Abundant natural gas supplies lead to savings. Plentiful domestic natural gas means lower costs to power our region. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will stabilize electricity prices and increase consumer savings.

Natural Gas Mean Energy Independence icon

Natural gas can secure our energy future. Diversifying domestic energy sources is an important strategy in protecting our energy future and maintaining energy independence. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will add low-cost natural gas to our diverse energy portfolio and decrease our nation’s dependence on imported fuel.