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Glass Shower in Room Heated by Natural Gas

Environmental Benefits

Connecting our region with new supplies of cleaner-burning natural gas will help lower emissions and improve air quality in our communities.

For years, coal was the leading source of electricity to power homes and businesses in our region. With federal environmental regulations calling for lower emissions and cleaner air, electric utilities are turning to cleaner-burning natural gas, which produces half the carbon emissions of coal and an even smaller fraction of other air emissions.

Natural Gas Pipeline Greenway

The transition to natural gas is already resulting in cleaner air and healthier communities. In 2016, the U.S. reached its lowest level of carbon emissions in 25 years – largely due to cleaner-burning natural gas.

Natural gas also plays a vital role in supporting the use of renewable energy. That’s because natural gas provides the reliable, around-the-clock back up power electric utilities need to keep our lights on, businesses running and homes warm when solar or wind aren’t producing electricity.

That’s how bringing more supplies of clean-burning natural gas to our region will help us lower emissions and improve our air quality. It's the best way to meet our growing energy needs in an environmentally responsible manner.

Natural Gas Pipeline on a Farm