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Economic Benefits

The economic benefits of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are clear – 17,000 new jobs, $377 million in annual energy cost savings, $28 million in new local tax revenue and the revitalization of the region’s manufacturing economy.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be an economic game-changer for communities across West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.

Thousands of New Jobs

Pipeline construction alone will create 17,000 new jobs and $2.7 billion in economic activity across the region. From construction subcontractors and equipment suppliers to hotels and restaurants, construction will provide a major boost to local businesses in every community.

But construction is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lower Energy Costs

Once the pipeline is operating, it will save consumers an estimated $377 million a year on their energy costs – keeping energy bills low for working families and allowing companies to reinvest the savings into growing their businesses and creating new jobs.

New Industries & Manufacturing Jobs

With access to a new and reliable supply of natural gas, industries that have previously passed over Virginia and North Carolina will set up shop and pump money into local economies, supporting thousands of new jobs in manufacturing and other new industries.

New Tax Revenue for Local Governments

And with the pipeline generating $28 million in annual property tax revenue for local governments along the route, communities across the region will be able to make new investments in their schools, roads, public safety and other vital local services.

Thousands of new jobs, lower energy costs, new industries and millions in new tax revenue for local governments – that’s a brighter economic future for the region.